It's the final countdown....

Now that song will be in my head all day.

Okay, there is no Writing Question Wednesday today. And that is because I have officially joined the ranks of The Jaunty Quills. If you've never been there, it's a great, fun site! And I'll be blogging there from now on. Doing the daily thing just got too overwhelming for me. BUT I will be taking my Writing Question Wednesdays in the queue over to Jaunties and be answering them over the next little while (and you'll get the opinion of other fabulous authors).

This blog I won't be updating anymore. :( I know, I'm sad too. I will still be doing a weekly update at Passionate Pen.

Today I'm doing a contest to win an ARC of DESIRE NEVER DIES, so come on by, post a comment and join in the fun!!

Thanks to everyone who visited here and commented over the past year and a half! I really had fun having you visit my neighborhood. :)

Mary Castillo tagged me

Thanks to Mary and Jen who let me know who tagged me, and didn't point out that I'm a goober. So Mary tagged me to list five interesting or unique things about me. I'll try to think of five:

1. I don't like feet. I feel that feet should be neither heard, smelled or seen whenever possible. Summer is a nightmare (Sandals). You know, this might be a weird thing, not an interesting or unique thing.

2. I got married in a hot pink house in Burien, Washington. It was called The Enchanted Chapel. It was not particularly enchanting. I should have read closer. But the marriage took, so it's all good.

3. I once had strep throat that moved into my tongue. I'm like the third person in the universe who has had that happen. I do not recommend it.

4. The last time I dressed up for Halloween, I was a she-devil. It was also 1995 and I was on a boat.

5. In my senior year of high school, I made the finals in Original Oratory for Speech/Debate at every single tournament. But I only placed once.

God, that was a stretch. Turns out, me: not that interesting. :)

Happy Halloween Ghouls and Boys!

Ridiculous SPAM Monday

Before I post this week's ridiculous SPAM subject line, I wanted to say that someone emailed me to tell me they had tagged me for one of those fun blog games. And I somehow permanently deleted the message and I can't remember who it was. If you're around, can you post a comment here! Many thanks and apologies. This may be why no one ever tags me for those things.

Okay, this weeks ridiculous SPAM subject line is:

twig retirement

It really is time for the twigs to retire. They're really not capable of fulfilling their twiggy duty anymore. Do twigs get Medicare?

Passionate Pen was updated today!

I'm so excited

It's 11pm on a Saturday night. I'm in my pajamas (white flannel with penguins AND I'm missing a button. Sexy). But I'm so excited! Why?

Because I am starting to think about Monday. What happens Monday? I get to officially start my next book. And I'm getting very excited. Okay, so I already have six pages on the new book (not from totally recently, they came out a bit ago). But pretty much I have a whole book laid out in front of me. And it's sooooo cool. And soooo overwhelming. But I'm still excited.

I should also say that Avon approved the title for the erotic romance that will be out next September. So it is now OFFICIALLY Everything Forbidden! Yay!!!

Then they paid me. Score. I love not having to fight about money. It's so refreshing.

Alrighty. I'm excited. Yay! Nighty-night!

beep.... Beep.... BEEEEEEP!!!!!

So last night El Guapo was supposed to get home from his latest business trip, this time to the love city of Nashville, TN. Excerpt, there were apparently weather issues and his flight was canceled so he won't be home until later this morning. Which I was sad about, but this is sometimes what happens in the wild world of business travel, so I can deal. Only, the thing is, when he's not around I don't sleep well. That's right, everyone "awwww", we are quite cute.

I have always had very vivid dreams, which I think I've mentioned here before. When he's not home, I have recurring dreams about people being in the house. They aren't scary people, really, they're just annoying. Sometimes I yell at them to go away in my sleep (which normally wakes me up) and they do. It's like they don't realize it's impolite to bug a girl while she's trying to get her 8 hours.

Okay, but last night I got past the first couple of hours of 'people are in my room' sleep and was in a lovely, deep dark sleep of the dead. And then I started to hear the beeping.

beep... Beep.... BEEEEP
beep... Beep... BEEEEP

At first I thought I was dreaming of the microwave. Shut up, this is the kind of crap I dream about, whatever. It took about ten of these beep repetitions for me to realize I was awake and the beeping was really happening. So I leaned over and tried to turn on the lamp. Click, click... nothing.

Okay, the power is out. Which explains the beeping. El Guapo got me a power box that allows my computer to run on battery power for up to, I think it's 45 minutes in a power outage. When the box loses power, it beeps to alert you to the situation so that you can run in and turn the computer off and not lose your stuff. Except it beeps to alert you even when the computer is OFF, which mine was. So I staggered into my office to figure out how to make the beeping stop.

I'm fumbling with the box, try to find a switch or a plug or something. I could have grabbed a flashlight, but it's leaning on the wall behind the tower of ten thousand books To Be Read next to my bed. I could be buried in the avalanche if I risk it. I'm hitting everything, but it's still BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP until my head is going to explode. And just when I'm ready to scream, the lights came on and the beeping stopped. Sigh.

It was 3am. So I reset the alarm (the guy who is servicing our treadmill was scheduled to arrive at 8am, so I had to be up before that to shower) and got back into bed.

And then, the cat came up and wanted to comb my hair for me with her claws (gently). Oh well. Sleep is overrated.

It's Writing Question Wednesday


Well, I'm working through Ye Olde "To Do" list, so that makes me happy. And the treadmill guy is coming today to do a tune up. Apparently, walking to train for my walk put a little hitch in our rolly thing. So it shall be fixed, lubed, whatever you do to a treadmill, this afternoon. Yay!

Today's writing question is a really common one, so I'm glad someone asked here:

Is it imperative to have a college degree before or while attempting to become a published author? Which college subjects would be good for someone wanting to write their own novel?

Nope! Most definitely not!! This is one of the few careers you can take on where no one really cares about your educational history. You could have a PhD or just a high school education (or less, just so long as you can write) and no one will EVER ask. The only thing required is that you can string words together coherently (I know sometimes people think their editor will 'edit' all their grammar mistakes, but that is really not true. If you have difficulties with basic grammar, definitely take a class so that you give yourself a better chance) and tell a compelling story.

I have a degree in psychology from University of Washington. I think it's useful, since I write from a character standpoint. Virtually all my conflict comes from the motivations and pasts of my characters. I know other writers who have technical degrees. Others who used to be (or still are) lawyers, have advanced degrees relating to that. I believe Debbie Macomber only went to college AFTER she was successful (I could be wrong on that, check out her site for more info).

So don't be discouraged if you don't have a college degree or you feel that degree doesn't 'fit' romance writing. You're definitely not alone on that!

It's 6am and I've been up for an hour and a half

Why? Because El Guapo had to go to the airport and off to Tennessee today. Sniffle. But it's a quick trip. He'll be back Thursday night. I have large plans this week, including:

1. Updating websites for uploading next week (MANY Jenna Petersen ARCs will be given away in November... be sure to check the site!!!)
2. Cleaning house, including digging out a path to the treadmill so the nice man can service it Wednesday.
3. Buying a new cordless phone with caller I.D. for downstairs. The one down there right now has no caller I.D. Heathens!!

As you can see, ye olde schedule does not include ze writing. Mostly because, like Ross and Rachel, WE ARE ON A BREAK! But I'm starting to get itchy about the next historical. Wife posing as courtesan? Reunion story? Hello! HOT. I'm very excited about writing it. Victoria and Justin. Yum. Just wait, you'll be very excited. I mean, it won't be out until some time in 2008, so this is just cruel to mention it, but you know. I'm sadistic that way.

I do have to say that yesterday I dug out my office. Mostly. I think this week I might also go and buy all new hanging files and reorganize my desk file cabinet that has all my writing stuff. Right now there are some very organized files and some really messed up files. And a few of the files have broken and all their stuff has slipped down to the bottom of the drawer. So that is on my list, too.

I guess it's Fall cleaning. What is it about the change of seasons that makes us want to clean and reorganize and re-evaluate life in general?

Ridiculous SPAM Monday

Hellllllo! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I laid like broccoli, it was fabulous. Here is this week's Ridiculous SPAM subject line for you to enjoy:

Fw: Re: mannie bewhisker

I love several things about this. First, the obvious. Mannie Bewhisker. Is that the name of someone's kitten or what? I swear, next cat I get is going to be Mannie Bewhisker because it's awesome. Another thing I like is that it's a FW: and a re: Almost as if I wrote the original mannie bewhisker email and someone is forwarding an errant reply back to me. Yes, I had forgotten I wrote an email about the kitten Mannie Bewhisker. Thanks for getting back to me on that.

Okay, so Passionate Pen was updated this morning:

Please to enjoy.

Running (but not with scissors).

Sorry I'm so late in posting today. I've been running since I got up. :) Had to mail contracts back (yay! I love contracts). And had to get groceries. And take El Guapo to get his hair cut. And shop for MIL's birthday present. And then got home and had RWA Conference workshop submission stuff to take care of. AND then got the email about cover conference from May for the erotic (whose contract had just gone back LOL).

So I was busy.

Oh, and I might be writng a short article for an upcoming issue of RT. Yeah, I have a to do list in my mind and I'm not very good at keeping track of it. That's why God invented paper and pens.

I'm feeling scattered lately. Normally I'm very organized. I have my schedule and my lists and my goals all laid out and I chug through them. But for the past week, I've felt all discombobulated. Like I'm forgetting something constantly. So any thoughts on how to um, REcombobulate?