jennanjess (jennanjess) wrote,

It's the final countdown....

Now that song will be in my head all day.

Okay, there is no Writing Question Wednesday today. And that is because I have officially joined the ranks of The Jaunty Quills. If you've never been there, it's a great, fun site! And I'll be blogging there from now on. Doing the daily thing just got too overwhelming for me. BUT I will be taking my Writing Question Wednesdays in the queue over to Jaunties and be answering them over the next little while (and you'll get the opinion of other fabulous authors).

This blog I won't be updating anymore. :( I know, I'm sad too. I will still be doing a weekly update at Passionate Pen.

Today I'm doing a contest to win an ARC of DESIRE NEVER DIES, so come on by, post a comment and join in the fun!!

Thanks to everyone who visited here and commented over the past year and a half! I really had fun having you visit my neighborhood. :)

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